A chance encounter with LITS: A great opportunity to getting General Santos City put in place a 26-barangay wide paperless local legislation process

A Chance Encounter with LITS: A Great Opportunity to getting General Santos City put in place a 26-Barangay Wide Paperless Local Legislation Process

Shirlyn L. Bañas-Nograles | February 1, 2018

A few weeks ago, I came to a chance meeting with our very own DILG City Director, Atty. Rochelle D. Mahinay-Sero, who told me about a certain on-going project being offered for free to local government units within Region 12 called “LITS” or the “Legislative Information Tracking System” --- a software which has been devised to helping LGUs come up with an efficient and effective computer-based databank of public records, profiles, and other significant files.

With Dole Philippines’ Mahintana Foundation, Inc. being at the project’s forefront, I’ve arranged for a talk with Mr. Jose C. Tubigon, the Foundation’s Project Manager. There and then, I’ve been briefed that the LITS project was indeed part of the European Union–Philippine NGOs and GOs partnered and financed strategies which were organized to help make LGUs cope with the world wide web of advancements in Information Technologies in the light of Republic Act Numbered Eighty-Seven Hundred and Ninety-two (RA 8792), otherwise known as The Electronic Commerce Act of 2000 and DILG’s Legislative Performance Management System (LGPMS).

Understanding the need for today’s legislative bodies to evolve its processes into a virtually computerized and paperless system as a must-have for the 26 barangays of city, in the same way as it did with the Office of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, where computers and IT played a vital role in getting our PPAs efficiently and effectively done while, at the same time, been doing its part continuously towards making our Local Area Network (LAN) and Website even become more and more improved, we’ve wasted no time to set forth the schedule for the LITS’ soft launching, the 1st Phase of which took place with the conduct of an orientation proceedings at the SP Session Hall in the afternoon of January 29, 2018. There at the event, I’m glad to know that almost all barangays of the city were duly represented.

After having been introduced with the basics thereof, the barangay representatives in attendance seemed to have even become excitingly eager to get the LITS software immediately installed into their respective Laptops, which brought us to easily organize and run the launching’s 2nd Phase, that will allow Dole Phils.’ Mahintana Foundation, Inc. technical staff to go around the city’s 26 barangays on a scheduled visit to run the LITS software into various barangay-owned computers and, thereupon, get to teach each barangay staff in charge on how to use, maintain, and exploit the product’s advanced user-friendly configurations for them to be able to come up with their very own virtual legislative information tracking systems.

Moreover, as our own gesture of goodwill and support towards making the Mahintana Foundation led LITS Project become a complete success in the city, while also acknowledging the enthusiasm of the barangay staff to get hold of a productive head start in making their virtual frameworks for LITS work efficiently and effectively, I’ve committed to share with the barangays for their unit’s official consumption our databank of barangay ordinances and other related records that we’re able to encode and save into SP’s existing Local Area Network (LAN) server. Also in regard this matter, I’ve already advised the SP Records Division to immediately come up with some 10-year-span (beginning FY2017 and backwards) CD-ROM copies of several barangay ordinances and other pertinent records at hand, to be compiled variously per barangay, and prepare these for distribution.

When all this data is set to go, then, we shall get to open the 3rd and Final Phase of LITS launching, which will cover the formal and ceremonial handover, by the members of 18th Sanggunian ourselves, of such variously compiled electronic data to the possession of the respective officials of the 26 Barangays of the city. Hopefully, we can make this happen soon – perhaps within the second or third month of FY2018.

More possibly, at this time around, we shall therefore come to see an all set 26-barangay wide virtual legislative information tracking system being put in place to work for the betterment of the barangays, in particular, and the city, in general. And, with this same initiative having been already institutionalized and, along the way, been found out to have worked very well for the Office of the Sangguniang Panlungsod way back since the times of the 16th Sanggunian, all I can hope for is to see LITS work its best for the fast progress of the barangays too.

So, at this juncture, let me convey my sincerest thanks to DILG City Director Atty. Rochelle D. Mahinay-Sero, Dole Phils.’ Mahintana Foundation, Inc. along with other partner NGOs and GOs, who have involved themselves with the LITS Project, for helping the city get to become one of the Region’s firsts in the pursuit of establishing a paperless local legislation process.

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