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Calumpang was constituted as a separate Barangay on March 8, 1999 by virtue of plebiscite of the residents of its mother Barangay Labangal,General Santos City. The initial personnel were of a Barangay Captain; six (6) Kagawads as Sanggunian, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Tax collector and two (2) clerks.

The Barangay Hall was originally established at Ramos Building in old sitio Calumpang (now Calumpang Avenue). Then transferred to its first Multi-Purpose building located at its proposed Public Market site, which is now being used as one of the commercial building at Calumpang Public Market.

On December 1991 the said office was then transferred to its present location, occupying the first floor of the half-finished Barangay Hall.

The Barangay staffs were fully housed in the new hall after the turn over of the contractor of the Barangay Captain on December 20, 1993.

This said location of the Barangay Hall of Calumpang was granted by the late Mayor Antonio Acharon having an estimated area of 50,000 square meters more or less, being a public land.



Punong Barangay: Reynaldo Enhog Salubre

Barangay Kagawad:

  • Arthur Ryan R. Dupalco
  • Cirilo R. Forones
  • Berlano C. Templado, Sr.
  • Arnel M. Cabarubias
  • Eduardo S. Asuque
  • Noel C. Chiva
  • Alma T. Suscano


Telephone (083) 552-5588
Classification Urban
Dialect/s Cebuano, Boholano, Ilonggo
Ethnic/ Tribal Groups Muslim, B’laan, Indo
Teritorial Boundary North: South Osmeña Avenue
South: Sarangani Bay
East: Ireneo Santiago Boulevard
West: Pioneer Avenue
Distance 8 kms


Address Activity Date
  Foundation Anniversary March 8
Purok 5 Purok Anniversary February 14
Purok Saeg Patronal Fiesta July 16
Prk.Maliwanag/Villanueva Vill. Fiesta Dec. 8
Prk. Quilantang Anniversary Dec. 22
Purok Bliss Patronal Fiesta Sr. San Vicente Ferrer April 16
Prk. Reform Village Patronal Fiesta Dec. 8
Purok Saeg Zone 1P atronal Fiesta Aug. 10-11
Purok Upper Puting Bato San Roque Patronal Fiesta Aug. 15-16
Purok 4 Purok Anniversary October 17
Purok San Miguel Silver Foundation Anniversary Sept.29
Purok Acharon Village Patronal fiesta/ Sto. Niño January
Purok Sto. Niño Village                     “ January
Purok Diamond Valley                     “ January
Purok Ybanez                     “ January
Purok Roberto                     “ January
Purok Rosadel Patronal Fiesta/Our Lady of Lourdes February
Purok Felomina                          “ February
Purok Old Bayanihan Patronal Fiesta/ San Jose March
Purok Placida                        “
Purok Christian Village Patronal Fiesta/San Vicente Ferrer April
Purok Bliss                        “
Purok Old Sta. Cruz Patronal Fiesta/ Santa Cruz May
Purok NPC                       “  May
Purok Malinawon Patronal Fiesta/San Antonio de Padua June
Cahilsot Village  Our Mother of Perpetual Help June
Puting Bato Sts. Peter & Paul June
Lower Acharon Patronal Fiesta/Sts.Peter & Paul June
Crisostomo Village Our Lady of Mt. Carmel July
Saeg St. Claire August
Calumpang B Our Lady Of Assumption August
Calumpang Heights San Roque August
Upper Puting Bato San Roque August
Fernadez San Roque August
Greenville Mary Mediatrix of all Graces August
Holy Cross Parish Parish Fiesta 14-Sep
Purok Estrella Birhen Sa Kasilak September
SLR Acharon San Lorenzo Ruiz September
Purok San Miguel 1,2 & 3 San Miguel September
Purok Tomasa St. Therese October
Purok Whitehouse St. Paul of the Cross October
Purok Veterans Our Lady of Fatima October
Purok Lily Of the Valley St. Francis of Assisi October
Purok Balunto St. Paul of the Cross October
Purok Malambuon Christ the King November
Purok Quilantang Our Lady of the rule November
Purok New Bohol Christ the King November
Purol Safi Village San Andres November
Purok Stella Maris Immaculate Conception December
Purok Maliwanag Immaculate Conception December
Purok Calumpang A Immaculate Conception December
Purok Soledad Immaculate Conception December

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