Brgy. Baluan


In the beginning, it was dark. In silence and peace, a habitat was born. People called it Baluan that comes from B’laan term refers to a creek, a crook river rich of fish like mudfish or “haluan” among the Ilonggos.

Barangay Baluan was a sitio. But prior to that, it was a Cattle Ranch cared by a certain Don Pako Natividad. It began to diminish when the Japanese war came in 1940’s.

In reference to the above premises, Baluan was also known as a dangerous zone wherein the presence of wild and weird animals like “baboy damo”, “usa”, snakes alike were found anywhere.

Speaking of economic survival, our elders were fond of weaving baluyot and other types of basket out of buri plant. They used to carry all of these by taking kilometers  from their respective areas to the market. Each item cost only 10 to 20 centavos and this was enough to earn a living.

Despite of the consequences, problems and trials, they also gained an interest in education and they began to study as primary scholars in the year 1940’s.

On the other scheme, the Baluan Settling Farmers Association (BALSEFA) had a very big contribution in the existence of our barangay. It was composed of seven working committees known as the petitioners who fought for the welfare of our people. Juanito Bergado was the founder and president of the BALSEFA. Some of the petitioners and the members of the BALSEFA were the Pangilinan’s, Nisperos’, Dela Cruz’. Gunay’s, Zabala’s, Delmo’s, and Soriano’s.

After the existence of BALSEFA, which is known as the first ever organization in our barangay, there goes the first legal Barrio Council. Santiago Castellano was the first elected legal Tenyente del Barrio through the COMELEC way back on the year 1960’s. Santiago Castellano was placed on his position twice as he won the Barangay Captain slot on the year 1972. He was also the first leader in our barangays who had served the public for almost 20 years. His service ended when the People Power on the year 1986 came.

Barangay Baluan was recognized as chartered during the time of President Ramon Magsaysay in December 20, 1964 with the untiring help of Cotabato Governor Datu Udtog Matalam.

In 1968, the termTenyente Del Barrio was changed to Barangay Captain. Thus, Salvador Coronel was the first Barangay Captain when he led the Barangay Election last 1968 and in 1972, Castellano came back and won the election.

After the EDSA Revolution in 1986, there was a Barangay Election in 1987. Wennie C. Estrellan acquired the challenge as he defeated all of his companions in a non-Partisan election. He served as the successor of Castellano.

Wennie C. Estrellan as the young and enthusiastic pursued his services as he was given another chance to serve the people of barangay Baluan. He took the victory on 1993, 1996 and year 2002 Barangay Election against his proponents. His programs were more on infrastructure development that helped in the economic conditions of the barangay. His 18 years in service marks a legacy.

Danilo C. Tinoco, the successor of former barangay Captain Wennie C. Estrellan took over the 2007 Barangay Elections where his programs were more on the Barangay Administrations.

After his one term, Armando N. Diamante inherits the office in the last 2010 Barangay Elections. Young and able Barangay Captain, leads the Barangay with the desire of uplifting the economic conditions of the habitat.



Punong Barangay: Armando Naldoza Diamante

Barangay Kagawad:

  • Denis S. Besa
  • Racma S. Usman
  • Lito B. Tupas
  • Amanda D. Cargason
  • Rizza Jale C. Naldoza
  • Marjorie G. Estrellano
  • German C. Siodora


Classification Rural
Date of Anniversary December 20
Dialect/s Ilongg, Islam, Cebuano, Ilocano
Teritorial Boundary North: Brgy. Ligaya
South: Sarangani Bay
East: Brgy. Buayan
West: Brgy. Lagao
Distance 5 kms



Address Activity Date
Foundation Anniversary December 20
Patronal Fiesta/ St. Patrick March 17
Purok Masagana 13th Purok Anniversary May 26
Patronal Fiesta/ St. Patrick March
Patronal Fiesta/ San jose May
Patronal Fiesta/ San Isidro May
Patronal Fiesta/ San Francisco October
Patronal Fiesta/ San Vicente Ferrer April

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  1. vickie fernandez 6 years ago  

    Respectfully requesting your barangay to publish name of your puroks/sitios with corresponding number of households.Data will be used by Socoteco II to identify un-energized puroks/sitios in your barangay which will be included on our Sitio energization program.
    Thank you very much.

    Vickie Fernandez
    Socoteco II
    General Santos City