Brgy. Bula


Barangay Bula is one of the 26 barangays of General Santos City, which became a separate municipality from Buayan District in 1940 by virtue of EO# 250.

Barangay Bula derived from the word “Bula” which literally means “bubbling or filled with bubbles”. This is so because when the early settlers came to this place, they found the sea filled with bubbles or bubbling especially during low tide. A possible explanation for the concurrence of bubbles is that the sea was rich with fishes and other marine life. When fishes abound, it is normal to find bubbles on the surface of the water as the fishes breathe. Because of its resources, Bula became a favorite destination of migrants who came from other fishing areas in the country such as Cebu, Bohol and Leyte islands.

Barangay Bula was established on September 7, 1959 by virtue of Municipal Council of General Santos (now General Santos City) Resolution No. 79 series of 1959.

It is one of the original barangay that comprises the Municipality of General Santos, now General Santos City. It is about 3.5 kilometers from the city proper. Barangay Bula has a total land area of 323.18 has. It is composed of 25 purok/zones with a total population of 34,808. Barangay Bula is classified as an urban barangay. Among its major resources of living are fishing, trade and industry. Mostly of the inhabitants of Barangay Bula are into fishing provision (small scale) and labor to large commercial fishing operators in General Santos City who were also a resident of Barangay Bula. It is interesting to note that most of the successful commercial fishing ventures traced their humble beginning in Barangay Bula. From its foundation in 1959, it has become one of the productive and self-reliant barangay of the City of General Santos.

Self-reliance is the primary goals of every LGU in the country. With the implementation of RA 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991, bringing every LGU to self-sustenance through devolution and decentralization. Barangay Bula at present soars high in terms of competitive development on its infrastructure, economic, social, political and effective governance.



Punong Barangay: Remus Pardillo De Claro

Barangay Kagawad:

  • Dante C. Granada
  • Joe Kenneth S. Acharon
  • Feliciano T. Somosot, Jr.
  • Rietah Mae D. Aparis
  • Edilberto R. Lopez, Jr.
  • Marisol F. Saligumba


Telephone (083) 552-9965
(083) 552-6622
(083) 552-7405 – Health Center
(083) 554-7717 – Bula National School of Fisheries
Classification Urban
Dialect/s Visayan
Ethnic/ Tribal Groups Cebuano, Ilocano, Waray, Kapamapangan, Tagalog
Teritorial Boundary North: Brgy. Lagao
South: Sarangani Bay
East: Brgy. Baluan
West: Brgy. Dadiangas South
Distance 3.5 kms


Address Activity Date
Barangay Bula Sto. Niño Patronal Fiesta January 15
Barangay Bula Foundation Anniversary   September  
Barangay Bula Araw ng Bula October 14
Purok 4-A Rajah Muda   Annual Prk. Foundation Ann.   October 10  
Purok 4-A Rajah Muda   Patronal Fiesta   April 5
Purok 2 Fisherman Village   Anniversary   Dec. 29
Purok 11 Anniversary   Dec 23
Zone 2 Patronal Fiesta   Nov. 25  


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  1. henry 5 years ago  

    Zone 8 Patronal Fiesta Sept.29 San Miguel

  2. riza projo 6 years ago  

    To pedro vargas , hope still remember me …hingi po sana ako ng tulog for our hospital bill sa mother nmin dahil di po na nmin kya ung daily expenses sa insulin for deabetes everyday…hope i can received a reply from u…god bless!!!!!!!!!!

  3. vickie fernandez 6 years ago  

    Kindly post name of puroks/sitios with the respective number of households for us to identify un-energized purok/sitios in your barangay. These will be included in our Sitio Energization Program. Thank you very much.

    Vickie Fernandez
    Socoteco II
    General Santos City