Brgy. Ligaya


Barangay Ligaya is located at the Eastern part of General Santos City. It is bounded in the North by Barangay Katangawan, in the South by Barangays Buayan and Baluan, in the West by Barangay Lagao and in the East by Buayan River. It is traversed in the western part from the North to South by Baluan Creek. It is also traversed by the National Highway to Davao.

This Barangay has an approximate land area of 667 hectares. The area to which the Barangay Ligaya was formed was formerly called Upper Baluan, a sitio of Barangay Baluan. It was sparsely inhabited with families of mixed tribes predominantly Ilocano, Cebuano, Bicolano, and Muslim.

These pioneering immigrants were determined to face the tremendous odds in order to carve their own destiny. They had not thought of creating a set of political government until they felt the hardships of their children who were forced to hike from three to four kilometers to obtain education from neighboring barrios like Katangawan, Buayan, Baluan and Tokawal.

In order to introduce political, economic and educational advancement, the people opted the creation of an organization. Sometime in 1965 these settlers together with some of the Yamashita treasure hunters headed by a Korean Moon C. Park held a meeting in the treasure hunter’s Conference Building in the farm lot of Mr. and Mrs. Nesemio Fredeluces. They conducted election of Officers. Elected Officers were the following:

President: Mr. Anacleto Sorilla
Vice-President: Mr. Reynaldo Tapel
Secretary: Mr. Nesemio R. Fredeluces
Treasurer: Mr. Pedro Quinones
Auditor: Mr. Jonaldin Sanchez

The selection of names and their association was done by suggesting names and then were voted upon. Names suggested were of different dialects as follows:

  • “Namnama” – Ilocano word meaning “HOPE”
  • “Pag-asa” – Pilipino word meaning “HOPE”
  • “Rang-ay” – Pilipino word meaning “PROSPERITY”
  • “Paradise” – English word. This was suggested by Mr. Ernesto Tapel
  • “Ligaya” – Pilipino word meaning HAPPINESS. This was suggested by Mrs. Rosalina V. Fredeluces

Voted upon was “LIGAYA” and so they called their association “LIGAYA COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION”

Municipal Mayor Lucio Velayo who graced that organizational meeting inspired and adviced the officers to work for the separation of Upper Baluan from its mother barrio Baluan. He pledged to them their support.

The Officers of the Ligaya Community Association made countless appeals and petitions to the Municipal Council of General Santos and to the Provincial Board of Cotabato. Board member Fidel Purisima helped them.Through his help the officers’ petition was endorsed to the National Government.

On September 14, 1968 the sitio of Upper Baluan was officially separated from its mother barrio. It was cr eated a new barrio “Upper Baluan”. The name Upper Baluan however, was not accepted favorably by the residents. They wanted their barrio to be named “LIGAYA”, so they filed another petition for the change of name. the petion was approved and since then the newly created barrio was named “LIGAYA”. Therefore as to how their barrio got its name is not just a myth like how other places got their names.



Punong Barangay: Romy M. Pagaduan

Barangay Kagawad:

  • Artemio P. Marquez
  • Bon V. Dulay
  • Benbenor T. Salindal
  • Consolacion G. Amantillo
  • Elizabeth P. Sorilla
  • Rogelio C. Laroza
  • Yolando M. Balabis


Classification Rural
Teritorial Boundary North: Brgy. Katangawan
South: Brgy. Buayan & Baluan
East: Buayan River
West: Brgy. Lagao
Distance 8.5 km


Address Activity Date
Barangay Ligaya Patronal Fiesta/ San Isidro Labrador May

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