Brgy. San Isidro


Lagao was under the Municipality of Buayan, and it was divided into three (3) Barrio’s the 1st Barrio, 2nd Barrio and 3rd Barrio. Second Barrio was duly change Barangay San Isidro founded June 28,1967 and under General Santos City. This Barangay being call to its name by the Patronal Sr. San Isidro, through the Barangay Resolution of the previous public officials.



Punong Barangay: Frederick Eduard J. Yumang

Barangay Kagawad:

  • Abelardo A. Sosobrado
  • Pedro G. Lacap
  • Eduardo D. Leyson V
  • Danilo M. Garcinez
  • Juliet R. Cunanan
  • Danilo F. Soto, Sr.
  • Jommel Tapang


Telephone (083) 887-5976
(083) 887-5979
Classification Rural
Date of Anniversary June 28
Dialect/s Tagalog, Bisaya,  Kapampangan
Ethnic/ Tribal Groups Maranao, Tausug, B’laan
Teritorial Boundary North: Brgy. Mabuhay / Conel
South: Brgy. City Heights / Lagao
East: Brgy. Apopong
West: Brgy. Lagao
 Distance 3.5 kms

Barangay Activities

Address Activity Date
Barangay Proper Foundation Anniversary June 28
Purok Riverside San Vicente Ferrer Patronal Fiesta April 30
Purok Sta. Teresita Patronal Fiesta Oct. 7-8
2nd barrio San Gabriel September
2nd barrio San Isidro Labrador May
2nd barrio Holy Family December
2nd barrio San Vicente Ferrer April

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  1. deb arim 4 years ago  

    can you please post or up0load a copy of the barangay’s vicinity map? nakakatulong po sya specially sa mga taong hindi pamilyar sa lugar. thank you po!

  2. Hazel Dela Rosa 5 years ago  

    can we ask foR A SAmple of a barangay resolutions approving the application of the establishment of gas stations in your barangay.

  3. Romero, Jonathan 5 years ago  

    can i ask for the list of barangay officials from 1968 to 2008….and also a list of puroks of the said barangay…