Brgy. Tambler


Before the coming of Spaniards in Mindanao, Tambler was once a vast area of mangroves extended from the shores up to the hilly side of its western part. The original settlers were the Diamad, Bansalao, Banisil, Lintang, Daimalol Nab Agak, and the Mulan Saydala families.

The term “TAMBLER” came from a B’laan word, TAMLE-el, which means a continues flowing water. The original word was later coined as TAMBLER, by former Governor Datu Udtod Matalam of the then Cotabato Empire.

Tambler became a barrio by virtue of Resolution No. 79, series of 1959 in compliance with the letter of Director of the Bureau of Census dated February 9, 1959 regarding the creation of new barrios. The first Tinyente del Barrio that time was Gumatao Banisil.

During the presidency of late Manuel L. Quezon, Barangay Tambler was still under the municipality of Glan, North Cotabato. When General Paulino Santos came to Mindanao, a new municipality was created. This was the municipality of Rajah Buayan, which was later known as the Municipality of Dadiangas, which was known as the city of General Santos.

Barangay Tambler might be bigger as what it is today if not because of the separation of Fatima in 1990. Fatima constituting the Upper Tambler was separated from its mother Barangay Tambler as an independent barangay as mandated by Resolution no. 91, series of 1990 of the City council after due compliance with provisions of the pertinent laws.

Today, Barangay Tambler inspite its classification as a developing urban barangay, because of the presence of the oil, canning and manufacturing corporations; continue to quest as an industrial zone of the City of General Santos under the leadership of Abdulbasit Bualan with the support of the incumbent Barangay Councilors.



Punong Barangay: Abdulwahid D. Bualan

Barangay Kagawad:

  • Saada B. Yap
  • Carlos L. Calinawan
  • Satar O. Ngilay
  • Rabaiya N. Saydala
  • Anecito P. Yang
  • Rolando O. Pascual
  • Abdulbasit D. Bualan


Telephone (083) 552-9579
Classification Rural
Date of Anniversary October 17
Teritorial Boundary North: Brgy. Calumpang
South: Brgy. Siguel
East: Sarangani Bay
West: Brgy. Fatima / San Jose
Distance 10.7 kms


Address Activity Date
  Foundation Anniversary Oct.17
Purok Paradise Purok Anniversary Sept. 2
Upper Banualan Patronal Fiesta/San Isidro May
Carmenville Patronal Fiesta/Sacred Heart May

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  1. Eribeth Dizon 6 years ago  

    Can I request for a copy of the Resolution No. 79 Series of 1959 in compliance with the letter of the Director of the Bureau of Census dated Feb. 9, 1959 regarding the creation of new barrios? Can you also confirm if Barrio Makar is the former name of Brgy Tambler? Or if Barrio Makar is divided into barangays, if so, is Brgy. Tambler one of them? Thank you very much and hope to receive a reply the soonest.

    • Vice Mayor's Office 6 years ago  

      Hello Eribeth,
      Good Day!
      If you are from General Santos you can drop by anytime at the Sangguniang Panlungsod Building to get a copy of the Resolution you need. If not, can we just send a copy to your email add? Regarding Barrio Makar -Makar is not Barangay Tambler. Makar now is part of Barangay Labangal.

      Thank you. Hope we can help you in your research.