BIYAHENG BARANGAY – Spirit of Volunteerism



January 2011, in her quest to serve her constituents in the different barangays in the city, the City Vice Mayor Shirlyn Bańas-Nograles, had started her community service through the spirit of volunteerism from the different sectors who in one way or the other had partnered in different events and occasions.

March 2011, from a simple outreach program, Biyaheng Barangay started to touch lives from the different far flung barangays in the city. From feeding to medical and dental services, to livelihood trainings, services for the elderly through the distribution of reading eyeglasses, and even responding to affected families hit by calamities.

It’s worth pointing out that the courage and sense of solidarity it takes to put one’s own suffering aside and take action to help others is quite simply remarkable. Time and again, it’s the volunteers who roll up their sleeves, wrap a reassuring arm over the shoulder of a distressed neighbor and put their hearts into making things better.

Without the active volunteers, we would not be able to help those people who need our assistance. The social value that volunteers bring is incalculable, and even more far-reaching.

Disasters and other situations of violence will continue to happen, natural and technological disasters, hunger, disease, and discrimination are the reality of our humanitarian landscape. One of the greatest resources we have in addressing these crises is our volunteers, and that’s why we are encouraging everyone to be part of this program.

Let’s remember also that volunteers don’t just respond to emergencies. On a day-to-day basis they are working quietly, engaging communities in the very spirit of togetherness. Our commitment is to work with partners to better protect, promote and recognize the critical role our volunteers play, often in the face of great personal sacrifice.

Biyaheng Barangay banner, reminds us all that we have a role to play in making the city of General Santos a better place. This is the essence and spirit of volunteerism. Each and every one of us can make a difference by engaging in positive action in our communities. (/mtc)



(For more information please contact the Vice Mayor’s office at Tel no. (083) 552-9692)


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