Vice Mayor’s Message on the Vice Mayor’s League of the Philippines

My distinguished colleagues of the VMLP Region 12 Chapter:

It’s been a great time having fun and exchanging thoughts with you and your staff once again. We’re just done conducting the seminar-workshop on the codification of ordinances held last May 23-25, 2012 at the Sangguniang Panlungsod Session Hall, City of General Santos, which was successfully attended by 16 vice-mayors coming from different provinces, cities, and municipalities throughout Region 12, along with their legislative and administrative staff, as well as some other participants from different barangays of General Santos City.

This 3-day event was aimed, basically, at helping the Vice Mayors’ League of the Philippines Region 12 Chapter learn and, thus, gain some collective insights on how to go about the codification of laws of our respective provinces, cities, and municipalities based on the zero-budget experience of 16th Sangguniang Panlungsod of General Santos City. The said program showcased the varied steps, techniques, and the various resource mobilizations involved with our very own, now on-going, codification project. It also illustrated how the project came to be useful throughout the conduct of committee hearings by the 16th Sanggunian en banc in order for our part to be able to go through with our legislative examination and review of all previously enacted ordinances from 1948 up to 2010.

However, an academic presentation and discussion of our very own codification project all throughout the seminar-workshop has brought us into proving and validating, for each local government unit to know, this unprecedented thesis, which proclaimed and thereby added to the vast literature of knowledge on local legislation, that codification of ordinances could be had efficiently by any sanggunian any time, without having to put aside any outlay, for that matter, in the process, since all capabilities and resources needed to undertake this activity were already innately available within the very structure of the sanggunian itself. Simply put, we need not have to look beyond our limits to be able to carry out any project of this sort. We’ve just got to look around, within the vicinity our little houses, for some embedded assets idling by, just waiting to be utilized. And, then, get to reorganize and mobilize these resources into action.

Just like any resourceful farmer who’s been relentlessly pruning his favored vine with the use of his only tiny pair of scissors, audaciously cutting dead branches off, for the vine to be able to grow much faster and healthier, and yield more fruits. That’s why, with our very own codification project now getting nearly completed, we shall hope to see the 16th Sanggunian soon come to enact the Code of Ordinances of the City of General Santos —- an achievement first-time-ever to be done for the city, which shall henceforth cause to connect and bring altogether in periodic harmony, once-and-for-all, our youthful ideas and wisdom with that of the policymakers that came before us all along —- so as to enable our laws become more adequately and proactively responsive to the call of fast-changing times.

And so, I would gladly expect that you may also replicate with your own stock of good laws the things that we’ve been doing. And while you’re now equipped with both substantive and technical knowledge to go about any codification project, I shall look forward to seeing you come up with your respective code of ordinances sooner or later.

Thank you very much and God Bless!


Vice Mayor’s League of the Philippines
Region XII Chapter

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