Hon. Mac Alejandre M. Tablazon

Nothing replaces the feeling of contentment in putting ourselves not in the service for those who make history but to those who suffer it. My ascension as SK Federation President of this city has welcomed me with great opportunities to serve my fellow youth. But these opportunities come with great responsibilities and obligations.It is not by what we are shall we be judged, but by how we serve.

Personal Information:

Name:                                    Mac Alejandre  Manangan Tablazon
Birth date:                            Oct. 06, 1993
Place of birth:                       Making, Parang Maguindanao
Address:                               Blk. 5 Extn. Purok Dadiangas Heights, GSC
Father’s name:                     Alejandre Nuñez Tablazon
Mother’s name:                   Maribeth Manangan Tablazon

Educational background:
Elementary:                        Dadiangas Heights Elementary School (2005-2006)
High School:                       NDDU-IBED (2009-2010)

  • Ateneo De Davao University (2010)
  • NDDU (2011 to present)


  • Bachelor of Science Major in Information Technology

Members of the family

  • Alemar Manangan Tablazon
  • Ana marie Manangan Tablazon
  • Mac  Alejandre M. Tablazon
  • Aimarie  Manangan Tablazon
  • Mary Aimee Manangan  Tablazon


Legislative Measures

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  1. mika 5 years ago  

    as an SK president, providing informations and acting as representative of the youths in this city… how can you help the youths to vote and choose wisely the ones to be elected? and do you think there is a need for the youths to be well-educated on politics?

    and lastly, do you agree that youth is the hope thy nation?.. seeing that youths don’t care enough in politics?

    hoping for your reply and good day.