Title 14 – Games, Amusement and Recreation


Chapter I

Operation of Clubs (Day or Night)

Section 1. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to open, establish and operate a club without first securing a permit from the Office of the City Mayor, and upon compliance of the applicant with all the requirements of law and the rules and regulations to be promulgated for the purpose.

Section 2. No entertainer, waiter, bar tender, or other workers below 18 years of age shall be hired or employed by the management thereof, nor shall they be hired without his or her being able to present a certificate of good health, certifying that he or she is free from communicable diseases especially the venereal ones, the said Certificate to be secured from the City Health Officer; and provided further that the entertainers, bar tenders and waiters in said Club has previously paid the sum of P50.00 as Occupation Fee, to the Office of the City Treasurer.

Section 3. Violation of any provision of this Ordinance shall subject the offender to a fine of P500.00 or imprisonment not to exceed six (6) months, or both at the discretion of the court; and without prejudice to causing the cancelation of permit to operate the night club concerned by the Office of the City Mayor.


Chapter II

Special Cockfights

Section 1. The application for the holding of special cockfight in any of the licensed cockpit in the city shall be approved by the Office of the Mayor, with the concurrence of the Sangguniang Panlungsod. Such application shall be filed with the Office of the City Mayor at least ten (10) days before the cockfight.

Section 2. Any special cockfight held in violation of Section 1 hereof, the person(s) responsible therefor for such cockfights including the operator/licensee of the cockpit where such special cockfights are held shall upon conviction be penalized by an imprisonment of one year or a fine of five thousand pesos (P5,000.00), or both at the discretion of the court.


Chapter III

Establishment, Operation and Maintenance of Cockpit

1.) In Barangay Katangawan

Section 1. Authority is hereby granted for the establishment, operation and maintenance of a cockpit at Barangay Katangawan, this City, subject to the provisions of existing applicable national and local laws, ordinances, orders, rules and regulations, and zoning regulations.

2.) In Barangay Fatima

Section 1. Authority is hereby given to Mr. Calixto A. Cudilla to establish, operate and maintain a cockpit in Barangay Fatima, General Santos City.

Section 2. The authority or license heretofore granted to Mr. Calixto A. Cudilla shall commence immediately upon the effectivity of this Ordinance and shall cease to exist five (5) years thereafter.


Chapter IV

Regulation of Cockfight Derbies

Section 1. No cockfight derbies in all licensed cockpits in the city shall commence later than 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon on the day of its scheduled holding and shall continue until the last scheduled fight. In cases where the derby is held for two or more days, cockfights scheduled on the second day and succeeding days of such derby shall commence not later than 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon. A derby which starts on the time required herein but stages the succeeding fights at long intervals shall be considered a violation hereof.

Section 2. Any violation of this Ordinance shall have the following penalties:

First offense : Licensed operator = Fine of P3,000.00
Promoter – Fine of P3,000.00
Second offense : Licensed Operator = Disallowance of derbies for 3 months
Promoter – Fine of P4,000.00
Third Offense : Licensed Operator = Revocation of business permit for 3 months
Promoter – Fine of P5,000.00

Section 3. Any participant in the derby who shall cause the violation of Sec. 1 of this Ordinance shall be meted with a fine of P5,000 and an imprisonment of 10 days.

Section 4. Any person who shall register his/her participation in any cockfight derby but fails to bring his/her show/entry in the cockpit on the day of the derby, except for reason of fortuitous event, shall be penalized with a fine of P5,000.00 and imprisonment of 10 days, and a civil liability equivalent to the pot money or entry fee for that particular derby.

Section 5. All cockpit operators are hereby required to post a copy of this Ordinance in any conspicuous place inside the premises of the cockpit.

Section 6. An operator or promoter who at the same time a participant of the derby shall be considered an operator or promoter for purposes of this Ordinance.



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