Title 4 – Building Regulation


Chapter I

A. Rules for Numbering of Buildings

Section 1. This Ordinance shall be known as the “Numbering of Residential, Commercial and other BuildingsOrdinance for the City of General Santos”.

Section 2. For purposes of this Ordinance, the following terms shall mean:

(a.) Commercial Buildings- refer to all kinds of structures more or less permanently attached to a piece of land, excluding those which are merely superimposed on the soil used for trade or any commercial/business activity customarily engaged in as a means of livelihood or a view to profit.

(b.) Dwelling or Residential building/unit– a building designed or used as residence for one or more families which may be classified under any of the following types:                                  

  1. Single detached – a dwelling for one family which is completely surrounded by permanent open spaces, with independent access, services, and use of land.
  2. Single detached/semi-detached/duplex- a dwelling containing two or more separate living units each of which is separated from another by party or lot line walls and provided with independent access, services, and use of land. Such dwelling shall include duplex, quadruplex, or terrace and other cluster housing.
  3. Rowhouse – a single-attached dwelling containing three or more separate living units designed in such a way that they abut each other at the sides, as in a row, and are separated from each other by party walls; provided with independent access, and use of land.
  4. Multi-family dwelling– a dwelling on one lot containing separate living units for 3 or more families usually provided with common access, services, and use of land.

(c.) Number Plate- shall contain a serial number of each and every residential/ dwelling or commercial building; design, materials, content and size of which shall be prescribed pursuant to an executive order to be issued by the City Mayor in furtherance of Section 5 hereof, which number plate serves as the permanent identification of a particular dwelling/residential and commercial unit.

Section 3. Posting of Number Plates.

(a) Every owner/occupant of a residential unit/building defined under Section 2 hereof, shall post in a permanent manner a number plate in any visible point in the front portion of such structure.

(b) Proprietor/Occupant, likewise, of any commercial or industrial building or establishment defined under Section 2 hereof, shall post in a permanent manner a number plate in any visible point in the front portion of such structure or building space.

Section 4. Issuance of an Executive Order for mechanism of, and Offices responsible for, the implementation of this Ordinance. – The Office of the City Mayor shall issue an Order relative to the mechanism for the implementation of this Ordinance.  The same Order shall direct concerned agencies/offices of the city government of their respective responsibility in the implementation thereof. It shall, likewise, include the size, design, content and materials of the plate numbers to be used.

The said Order shall, likewise, determine and provide for the cost of every house number which shall be paid to the City Treasurer.


Chapter II

B. Establishment of House Number Plate

Section 1. Every residential, industrial or commercial building owner must have a house plate number duly issued by the City Government posted in the visible or strategic portion of his/her house or building for easy identification and for other purposes.

Section 2. There shall be a sharing scheme of the proceeds from the sale of house number plate, net of acquisition cost, between the barangay concerned where the house or building is located and the City Government at the rate of sixty percent (60%) in favor of the barangay and forty percent (40%) in favor of the City Government.

Section 3. Within thirty (30) days from approval of this ordinance, the city government offices, particularly the City Housing and Land Management Office, City Assessor’s Office, City Planning and Development Office, in coordination with the barangays, Registry of Deeds and Department of Environment and Natural Resources, shall formulate a scheme, rules and regulations for the efficient implementation of this Ordinance.

Section 4. Any registered owner of house, commercial or industrial building, or its administrator, found guilty of violating this ordinance shall be subject to a fine of One Thousand Pesos(P1,000.00).



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