Title 6 – Citation Ticket


Chapter I

Prescribed Citation Ticket

Section 1. There is hereby adopted a form of citation ticket to be used by law enforcers of the City in citing individual or entity for violation of applicable City Ordinances with penal provision, the form of which is shown below:


CItation Ticket

Citation Ticket

Section 2. The issuance of the afore-cited citation ticket shall be applicable to all general City Ordinances prescribing fines as penalty thereof, except for violation of ordinances pertaining to issuance of business permit.

Section 3. All ordinances which are inconsistent with the provisions of this Ordinance are hereby amended or modified accordingly.

Section 4. Upon the effectivity hereof, the office of the city mayor shall formulate rules and regulations for the smooth implementation of this ordinance, which shall include but not limited to the following:

  1. Issuance of commission to qualified officials or employees of the city who are at the frontline of enforcement of city ordinances;
  2. Establishment of qualifications (mental, moral, physical fitness, and qualifying examinations) and continuing training/education for officials and employees tasked to enforce city ordinances;
  3. The validity of the commission shall be one (1) year from issuance thereof and renewable every year thereafter, unless sooner revoked;
  4. Establishment of data bank for violations of city ordinances;
  5. Establishment of a division at city legal office tasked to litigate violation of city ordinances;
  6. Establishment of appropriate trust fund for the proceeds of fines for violation of city ordinances; and
  7. Provision of privileges to officials and employees tasked to enforce city ordinances.


Chapter II

Authority of Barangay Officials to Issue Citation Ticket and Share of Barangay on the Proceeds Thereof

Section 1. There shall be officials in every barangay of the City who shall be commissioned to issue citation tickets prescribed under Ordinance No. 12, series of 2003.

Section 2. For purposes of this Ordinance, barangay officials may include the Punong Barangay, Sangguniang Barangay members, members of the Lupong Tagapamayapa, and members of the tanod, subject to the discretion of the City Mayor.

Section 3. Fifty percent (50%) of the gross receipts of the citation ticket issued by the concerned barangay officials shall be allotted to their own respective barangay, allotment thereof shall be subject to usual accounting procedures.

Section 4. To update barangay officials of the applicable penal ordinances of the City, series of orientation training shall be conducted in their favor. The mechanics and implementation thereof shall be the responsibility of the Office of the City Mayor.


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