ORDINANCE 05 series of 2007



Hon. Florentina L. Congson                               City Vice Mayor and Presiding Officer

Hon. Shirlyn L. Bañas-Nograles                        City Councilor (President Pro Tempore)

Hon. Jose Orlando R. Acharon                          City Councilor (Floor Leader)

Hon. Minda L. Atendido                                       City Councilor (2nd Assistant Floor Leader)

Hon. Minardo A. Avila, Jr.                                  City Councilor

Hon. Jose Mari C. Natividad                               City Councilor

Hon. Ramon R. Melliza                                          City Councilor

Hon. Zoilo C. Abing, Sr.                                         City Councilor

Hon. Eduardo D. Leyson III                                City Councilor

Hon. Orlando A. Oco                                               City Councilor

Hon. Jose Mariano Constantino G. Gonzalez      City Councilor

Hon. Delia G. Rabanes                                            City Councilor (President, Liga ng mga Barangay)

Hon. Brian G. Estrellan                                          City Councilor (SK Federation President)


Hon. Lourdes F. Casabuena                               City Councilor (1st Assistant Floor Leader) (O.L.)

Hon. Dominador A. Lagare                                City Councilor

WHEREAS, the  conservation  of the nation’s rich artistic, historical and cultural heritage and resources promotes  ethnicity, instills patriotism and nationalism, preserves natural patrimony, evokes  cultural unity,  and raises the level of public consciousness  on various cultural values;

WHEREAS, the City of General Santos endeavors to keep up the Filipino traditions to encourage the participation of the community in the development and preservation of common identity;

WHEREAS, Memorandum Circular No. 2002-81 issued by the Department of the Interior and Local Government requires the creation of Local Culture and the Arts Council that will not only ensure the protection, enrichment and promotion of culture and the arts in the locality but also disseminate national legacy and pride;

NOW, THEREFORE, on motion of City Councilor Shirlyn B. Nograles, duly seconded by City Councilors Ramon R. Melliza and Delia G. Rabanes, be it –

RESOLVED, as it is hereby resolved to enact the hereunder ordinance:


Series of 2007



Hon. Shirlyn Bañas – Nograles – Author


 Be it ordained by the Sangguniang Panlungsod of General Santos, that

SECTION 1.  Title. –  This Ordinance shall be known as the General Santos City Culture and the Arts Council Ordinance of 2007.

SECTION 2. Declaration of Principles. – The following principles, as spelled out in Republic Act No. 7356 creating the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, are hereby adopted by this ordinance:

a.)   CULTURE AS A HUMAN RIGHT. Culture is a manifestation of the freedom of belief and of expression and is a human right to be accorded due respect and allowed to flourish.

b.)   NATIONAL IDENTITY. Culture reflects and shapes values, beliefs, aspirations, thereby defining a people’s national identity. A Filipino national culture that mirrors and shapes Philippine economic, social and political life shall be evolved, promoted and conserved.

c.)   CULTURE OF THE PEOPLE. The Filipino national culture shall be:

  • INDEPENDENT, free of political and economic structures which inhibit cultural sovereignty;
  • EQUITABLE, effectively creating and distributing cultural opportunities and correcting the imbalance that has long prejudiced the poor and other marginalized sectors who have the least opportunities for cultural development and educational growth;
  • DYNAMIC, continuously developing in pace with scientific, technological, social, economic and political changes both in national and international levels;
  • PROGRESSIVE, developing the vast potential of all Filipinos as responsible change agents of society; and
  • HUMANISTIC, ensuring the freedom and creativity of the human spirit.

d.)   CULTURE BY THE PEOPLE. The Filipino national culture shall be evolved and developed by the people themselves in a climate of freedom and responsibility.

e.)   CULTURE FOR THE PEOPLE. The creation of artistic and cultural products shall be promoted and disseminated to the greatest number of the people. The level of consciousness of the people about cultural values in order to strengthen culture and to instill nationhood and cultural unity shall be raised formally through the educational system and informally through extra-scholastic means, including the use of traditional as well as the modern media of communication.

f.)    PRESERVATION OF THE FILIPINO HERITAGE. It is the duty of every citizen to preserve and conserve the Filipino historical and cultural heritage and resources. The retrieval and conservation of artifacts of Filipino culture and history shall be vigorously pursued.”

SECTION 3. Creation of the Council. Envisioned to be the local counterpart of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, the General Santos City Council for Culture and the Arts is hereby created to formulate policies for the development of culture and the arts at the City level; implement these policies in coordination with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts as well as affiliated cultural entities both from the private and public sectors; “ encourage artistic creation within a climate of artistic freedom; develop and promote the Filipino national culture and arts; and preserve Filipino cultural heritage.” The council shall be under the Office of the City Mayor and shall render annual accomplishment report to the City Mayor.

SECTION 4. Composition. – General Santos City Culture and the Arts Council shall be composed of the following:

Chairperson                                                      – City Mayor

Vice Chairperson/Action Officer             – Chairperson, SP Committee on Tourism, Arts and     Cultural Affairs

Members :

  • Chairperson, SP Committee on Laws, Ordinances, Privileges & Internal Government
  • Chairperson, SP Committee on Education
  • Chairperson, SP Committee on Public Affairs & Information
  • Seven Persons from the Private Sector who shall be designated by the City Mayor to represent the following:

* Performing Arts

* Visual Arts

* Literature & History

* Research

* Print & Broadcast Media

* Celebrations & Commemorations

* Preservation & Restoration of Cultural Heritage

A  Representative from:

      • City Economic Management Development and Cooperative Office (CEMCDO)
      • City Budget Office
      • General Santos City Tourism Council
      • Office on Muslim Affairs
      • Office of the City  Cultural Communities
      • NCIP/ authorized IP representative
      • Three (3) schools particularly from the academe’s Arts & Culture Department to be designated by the Office of the City Mayor
      • Liga ng mga Barangay
      • Department of Education

SECTION 5. Term of Office. – The Sangguniang members shall serve up to the end of their current term as councilors. Private sector representatives shall be co-terminus with that of the appointing City Mayor.

SECTION 6.  Mandate. – The Council is hereby mandated to conceptualize, craft and implement plans, policies, programs and projects in conformity with the principles spelled out in Section 2 hereof.

SECTION 7.  Powers and Functions. – In order to pursue its mandate, the Council shall have the following powers and functions:

a.)   Prepare an annual plan on culture and the arts consonant to the Medium Term    Philippine Development Plan for Culture and the Arts, to be integrated in the local  development plan of the city;

b.)   Formulate programs and recommendations to develop local culture and the arts;

c.)   Ensure the protection, preservation and conservation of the local cultural and historical heritage;

d.)   Conduct cultural events such as cultural festivals, competitions, lectures, seminars, fora and symposia; set up exhibits during fiestas and other related activities;

e.)   Conduct periodic consultations with stakeholders to identify grassroots-based cultural concerns, issues and agenda;

f.)    Encourage the development of local cultural industries;

g.)   Conduct periodic inventory of local cultural objects and sites in coordination with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Cultural Center of the Philippines, National Museum, National Historical Institute, National Library and other national cultural agencies;

h.)   Coordinate with existing local culture and the arts councils;

i.)     Evaluate the implementation of the local annual plan  for culture and the arts;

j.)     Ensure continuous and sustainable cultural education.

k.)   Set up a city-wide network of barangay councils for culture and the arts to insure optimum people-based participation;

l.)     Network with international, national and local cultural and artistic groups/agencies;

m.)  Link up with government and non-government agencies for assistance;

n.)   Advise the City Mayor on all matters pertaining to culture and the arts;

o.)   Accept donations from both the public and private sectors;

p.)   Mount fund-raising projects;

q.)   Craft the implementing rules and regulations of this ordinance;

r.)    Formulate the annual budget of the Council and submit the same to the City Mayor for inclusion in the annual budget;

s.)   Perform other functions which may be necessary for the preservation/conservation of national cultural heritage/properties.

SECTION 8. Operational Budget. – During its first year of operation, the Council shall draw its budget from the account of the Office of City Economic Management Cooperative and Development and, in the succeeding year(s), a separate appropriation account in favor of the Council shall be included in the annual budget.

SECTION 9. Secretariat. – The Office of City Economic Management Cooperative and Development shall act as secretariat of the General Santos City Culture and the Arts Council.

SECTION 10. Repealing Clause. – All resolutions, ordinances, memoranda and other issuances inconsistent with this ordinance are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

SECTION 11. Effectivity. – This ordinance shall take effect fifteen days after its publication in a local newspaper of general circulation within the City of General Santos.

Enacted by the Sangguniang Panlungsod, City of General Santos, on its 150th Regular Session held on June 14, 2007.


              (SGD) ATTY. ROSENDO A. ROQUE
               Secretary to the Sanggunian


                                                                           (SGD) FLORENTINA L. CONGSON

City Vice Mayor and Presiding Officer

            Approved by His Honor, the City Mayor on___________, 2007.


City Mayor

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