ORDINANCE 06 series of 2005




Hon. Florentina L. Congson                             City Vice Mayor and Presiding Officer

Hon. Shirlyn L. Bañas-Nograles                    City Councilor (President Pro Tempore)

Hon. Lourdes F. Casabuena                             City Councilor (1st Assistant Floor Leader)

Hon. Minardo A. Avila, Jr.                             City Councilor

Hon. Dominador A. Lagare                             City Councilor

Hon. Ramon R. Melliza                                     City Councilor

Hon. Zoilo C. Abing, Sr.                                    City Councilor

Hon. Eduardo D. Leyson III                              City Councilor

Hon. Orlando A. Oco                                          City Councilor

Hon. Jose Mariano Constantino G. Gonzalez      City Councilor

Hon. Delia G. Rabanes                                       City Councilor (President, Liga ng mga Barangay)



Hon. Jose Orlando R. Acharon                      City Councilor (Floor Leader) (O.L.)

Hon. Minda L. Atendido                                   City Councilor (2nd Assistant Floor Leader)

Hon. Jose Mari C. Natividad                          City Councilor

Hon. Brian G. Estrellan                                    City Councilor (SK Federation President)


NOW THEREFORE, on motion of City Councilor Shirlyn L. Bañas-Nograles, duly seconded by City Councilors Lourdes F. Casabuena and Ramon R. Melliza, be it –


RESOLVED, as it is hereby resolved, to enact the following Ordinance:




Series of 2005



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Hon. Shirlyn L. Bañas-Nograles and Hon. Brian G. Estrellan – Sponsors

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Be it ordained by the City of General Santos that:



Section 1. Title. – This Ordinance shall be known as the “Local Youth Development Council Ordinance of the City of General Santos.”


Section 2. Declaration of Policy. – It is a declared policy of the city to promote and protect the physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual and social well-being of the Filipino youth, inculcating in them patriotism and nationalism, and encourage their involvement in public and civil affairs.



Section 3. Definition of Terms. – As used in this ordinance, the following terms shall mean:

(a)   Youth – refers to a person whose age ranges from fifteen (15) to thirty (30) years as provided for under Republic Act 8044.


(b)   In-School-Youth – refers to a youth attending either formal school or non-school-based educational programs under institutions recognized by the State.


(c)   Out-of-School-Youth – refers to youth not enrolled in any formal or vocational school, not employed or self-employed, and who is not college or technical/vocational school graduate.


(d)   Working Youth – refers to youth who is  either employed, self-employed, underemployed or who belongs to specific employable job seeking youth groups (such as graduates of tertiary and vocational schools, or those who previously were employed and are actively looking for work) both in the formal and informal sectors of the society.


(e)   Youth with Special Needs – refers to youth marginalized by existing societal forces, namely: youth in indigenous cultural communities, youth with disabilities, youth in situations of armed conflict, victims of natural disasters and calamities, youth offenders, delinquent youth, drug-dependent youth, street youth, abused/exploited youth, and abandoned/neglected youth.


            Section 4. Local Youth Development Council. – There shall be created a Local Youth Development Council which shall be responsible for the formulation of policies and implementation of youth development programs, projects and activities in coordination with various government and non-government organizations.


Section 5. Objectives. – Local Youth Development Councils shall have the following objectives:

a.)  General Objectives:


  1. to develop and harness the full potential of the youth as responsible partners in nation-building;
  2. to encourage intensive and active participation of youth in all government and non-government programs, projects, and activities affecting them;
  3. to harmonize all government and non-government initiatives for the development of the youth sector; and
  4. to supplement government appropriations for youth promotion and development with funds from other sources;


b.)  Specific Objectives:

  1. to broaden and strengthen the services provided by the national government agencies, local government units and private agencies to young people;
  2. to provide information mechanism on youth opportunities on the areas of education, employment, livelihood, physical and mental health, capability-building and networking;
  3. to increase the spirit of volunteerism among the youth of the City particularly in the maintenance of peace and order and preservation, conservation and protection of the environment and natural resources within their locality;
  4. to provide monitoring and coordinating mechanisms for youth programs, projects and activities; and
  5. to provide venue for the active participation of the youth in cultural and eco-tourism awareness program.


Section 6. Composition of the Council. – The Council shall be composed of the following:

(a)   City Mayor – Chairperson

(b)   City Planning and Development Officer – Member

(c)   City Administrator Operations Officer – Member

(d)   City Social Welfare and Development Officer – Member

(e)   City Health Officer – Member

(f)    Schools Division Superintendent or his duly designated representative in the locality – Member

(g)   YADO – Member

(h)   Youth Organization Representatives from the;


  1. President of the “Panlungsod na Pederasyon ng mga Sangguniang Kabataan” – Member
  2. Federation of Youth Organizations or
  3. Federation of Student Councils – Member


i) Two (2) Youth Serving Organization representatives


  1. Church-based- Member
  2. Community-based – Member


Section 7. Function of the Local Youth Development Council. – The following shall be the functions of the Local Youth Development Council:

  1. to formulate policies and component programs in coordination with the various government agencies handling youth-related programs, projects and activities;
  2. to coordinate and harmonize activities of all agencies and organizations in the City engaged in youth development programs;
  3. to develop and provide support for the development and coordination of youth projects and design strategies to gain support and participation of the youth;
  4. to accredit sports and recreational centers, hotels, training centers and other institutions providing services to the youth as identified in the ordinance;
  5. to assist the national government and government agencies, in the promotion of programs, projects and activities in the local level;
  6. to assist various government and non-government agencies in the identification and nomination of qualified participants to different programs, projects and activities;
  7. to conduct fund raising programs and solicitations. It shall likewise receive donations, bequests, and may enter into contracts with other government and non-government agencies necessary for the accomplishment of the objectives of this ordinance;
  8. to recommend youth programs and project proposals to appropriate government agencies and non-government organizations;
  9. to recommend youth programs and project proposals to appropriate government agencies and non-government organizations necessary for the accomplishment of the objectives of this ordinance;
  10. to accredit training pools for the purpose of assisting line agencies in implementing training and capability – building programs;
  11. to solicit books and receive donations from any individual, non-government agencies, both local and international;
  12. to create a research team that will formulate a mechanism to create a mechanism to come up with a Local Youth Situationer;
  13. to establish youth centers as deemed necessary;
  14. to monitor implementation of programs and projects at the local level;
  15. to nominate its delegate to the National Youth Parliament; and
  16. perform such other functions as may be provided by law.


            Section 8. Secretariat. – The Youth Affairs Development Office shall be the secretariat of the Local Youth Development Council.


Section 9. Local Youth Development Plan. – The council shall formulate and adopt a five year City Youth Development Plan which shall be duly supported by an ordinance enacted by the Sangguniang Panlungsod. The said plan shall be the basis for the implementation of Local Youth Development programs and services in coordination with the concerned agencies. These shall include but not limited to Youth Development Programs and Youth Development Services.


Section 10. Youth Center. – The Council may establish a Youth Center which shall be located in the City proper. The Youth Center shall operate as a multi-purpose center or a One-stop shop facility.


Section 11. Meetings of the Council. – The Council shall meet at least once a month or as often as maybe deemed necessary. The Chairman or his duly designated convenor shall preside in all council meetings.


Section 12. Discount Privileges. – To inculcate in the youth ideals of self-development in the areas of education, arts, culture, sports and recreation; the youth shall be granted discount/privileges as follows:


a.)  ten percent (10%) discount from transportation services by air, sea, railway transportation system and land except jeepneys, tricycle and other similar public utility vehicles that do not issue fare tickets.

b.)  a minimum of ten percent (10%) discount from hotels and similar lodging establishments, recreation and sports centers in the City.

c.)   a minimum of ten percent (10%) discount on admission fees charged by theaters, concert halls, museums, parks, and other similar places of culture arts, history and education in the city.


Private establishments in the City that provide the said discounts may claim the cost as tax deduction as defined under Section 13 of this Ordinance.


For purpose of this section, however, only the youth whose age ranges from fifteen (15) to twenty-one (21) years shall be entitled to discount privileges.


Section 13. Youth Identification Cards. – To avail of the services and discounts in the City, the Council shall issue Youth Identification Cards: Provided, that the Council may designate a Committee that shall evaluate and process the application forms. Qualified youth cardholders shall present their individual community tax certificate as a requirement for the issuance of their identification cards and may be required to pay the actual cost of the identification cards.


Section 14. Tax Incentive to City Establishments. – Local private establishments in the City that provide the discounts as mentioned in this ordinance may claim the cost as Tax Deduction.


Section 15. Appropriations. – There is hereby authorized appropriations for the establishment of the Local Youth Development Council.


Section 16. All other policies or laws creating organizations, councils or boards in the city which exist having similar program with the Local Youth Development Council are hereby repealed.


Section 17. Effectivity Clause. – This Ordinance shall take effect within thirty (30) days from its approval.



Enacted by the Sangguniang Panlungsod, City of General Santos, on its 58th and 59th Regular Sessions held on August 18, 2005 and August 25, 2005, respectively.






            (SGD) VIRGINIA P. DIME, MPA
        Assistant Secretary to the Sanggunian






City Vice Mayor and Presiding Officer


Approved by His Honor, the City Mayor on October 4, 2005.


City Mayor


            This Ordinance has been published in the THE SOUTHERN REVIEW as can be verified in its issue on November 19-25, 2007.


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